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Case Analysis

The optimal shipping plan would entail the transportation of 100 boxes from the Ontario growers to the Ontario (Toronto) shipment center. 624 boxes from the South American growers, 30 boxes from the Southeast Asian growers and 2 boxes from the Europe growers will then all be transported to the Transshipments center in Miami, Florida. And 426 boxes from the South American growers will be shipped to the transshipment center in Vancouver. This will ensure a supply inflow of 1182 boxes from the growers to the various transshipment centers in order to meet the weekly demands of the customers.

Excel Calculations

Questions Covered

1.       Develop an optimal Bloomex shipping plan for the proposed network (in boxes per week).

2.       Utilize the Miami transshipment facility and the Toronto and Vancouver facilities as transshipment centers, as needed.


3.       What is the total cost of the Bloomex shipping plan you suggest?


4.       What considerations other than cost should be factored into this proposed network restructuring decision?