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Kalashnikov Whats in a Name A

Case Analysis

What can you do with a brand name? How can you extend it? What if the brand name is associated with a weapon? The AK-47 had been part of every major revolution over the last 50 years and a mainstay in the armies of more than 50 countries. This weapon was known in many parts of the world as simply a "Kalashnikov," named for the man who invented it. Mikhail Kalashnikov's grandson, Igor Krasnovski, wanted to expand the brand globally with new products. But where to start? The A case describes Krasnovski's mission to work on a strategy for a new line of everyday products that would become a global brand and bear his grandfather's name. The material describes a brand that already exists and challenges students to think about brand identity, the essence of the brand, and product associations, and to consider products or services for the Kalashnikov name. This case series provides a compelling backdrop for discussion on brand building, especially for an international market.  

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