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Pushing the Envelope Engine Development and Procurement for the F 15 Fighter Jet B

Case Analysis

The B case recounts the events that culminated in the development of an alternative to Pratt and Whitney's F100 jet engine. Following an initial development program, the Air Force announced a split order for 120 engines from General Electric for the F-16 and 40 engines from Pratt and Whitney for the F-15. While this order would only meet the needs for the year 1985, Secretary of the Air Force Verne Orr had decided to hold off on any long-term commitments and to observe contractor performance and field experience during the first year. A few days later, the Navy chose General Electric's F110 engine as a replacement for Pratt's TF30 in the F-14. See also the A (UVA-QA-0644) and C (UVA-QA-0646) cases.

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