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We strongly believe in academic integrity and its importance in making higher education feasible and fair for everyone in today's society. 247 Case Analysis never compromises on being honest to others and taking full responsibility for authentic learning.

Understanding of terms

Company or 247 Case Analysis

It's an online platform that delivers top-quality academic services by following key educational standards and the highest academic integrity. Hundreds of students worldwide have benefited from the company's experienced professionals.

Client or Customer

A customer or client is an individual who visits Case Analysis 247 with an intention to get expert academic help or acquire samples of assignments solely for learning purposes. They can request samples of any writing materials such as case study analysis, thesis, essay, and dissertation.

Writing Service

It is the service delivered by the company, following the client's instructions and the given deadline. Our experts are bound to deliver the assigned sample within the provided time limit. They also take care of other critical elements such as word count and guidelines.


A writer, expert, or professional is an individual serving students through 247 Case Analysis. They work hard to help learners through the higher education learning process by providing them with the right academic assistance at all levels.


Product is the writing sample our experts create according to customers' guidelines. Clients can request various sorts of writing samples based on their academic requirements. Some of the most common products include essays, research papers, dissertations, question solutions, PPT presentations, and case study analyses.


This refers to the delivery of a completed writing sample within a given deadline. The process includes creating a task according to the client's directives, making sure it's unique and well-written, and delivering it to the customer through email or a dedicated account at 247 Case Analysis.

In this document, we declare the purpose of our service

247 Case Analysis always rejects fraudulence since it ruins academic integrity. We are strictly against the trafficking of writing materials because it doesn't serve any legitimate purpose.

Deceit in the education sector gives rise to corruption. People intending to seek better grades through unfair means are likely to take advantage of academic dishonesty. That's the reason our company strongly prohibits all types of illicit practices.

All our experts have been educated by the world's reputed institutions. They maintain the highest level of professionalism by accrediting the people behind the original work. We make sure to give references and citations to maintain integrity.

Each honorable member of our team is strictly against the shortcuts that a few students try to take in order to get better grades. We never become part of an illegitimate act and advise students to remain fair to their studies.

247 Case Analysis has communicated to all of its experts that they should never be involved in any kind of deceitfulness, or else they will be permanently removed from the team without a second thought.


Copying or doubling a written work of another person and presenting it as your own efforts. This can also include stealing info without giving due credit or reference.


Facilitation is the process of helping clients commit educational corruption. It is misconduct, even if it's not for your personal gain.

Multiple Submissions

Submitting the same assignment or academic project more than a few times without letting the teacher know about its duplication.


Copying work efforts of someone else to seek personal academic benefits, with or without the permission of the original owner.


Fabrication takes in transferring educational details without seeking official permission from the original information source first.


Misleadingly presenting someone else as yourself or getting engaged in falsehood to get better grades in tests or examinations.

List Of Forbidden Tasks


Providing sample papers that one can use to submit as their own work


Providing health or technical write-ups to a person with an irrelevant degree or educational background


Generating fake commercial reports and other documents to seek illegal financial gains


Creating counterfeit resumes and other similar files by stating untrue information


Any sort of writing that contradicts institutional policies, state law, and interests of the common masses


Any task that gives rise to religious intolerance, communal unrest, offensive political remarks, and hate speech


Clients of 247 Case Analysis

All our customers are advised not to contact us for the completion of any of the following tasks. This is because anyone requesting us to finish any of these unlawful tasks will be permanently prevented from using our platform.

task request

Message for Students

Clients or students who visit 247 Case Analysis should never try to exploit our services to practice any kind of unethical activities in any situation. We do not support any practice that goes against state law, institutional policy, and academic integrity.

A customer should never expect our experts to help them achieve academic goals through any kind of illegal activity, as it can cause our platform to lose its reputation. Furthermore, it contradicts educational honesty and institutional policies.


Message for Experts

247 Case Analysis believes in taking care of its professionals as well as customers. We have a decent lucrative program to compensate our experts for their great services. In return, we expect the best ethical work practices from our honorable team members. We want them to follow all the globally accepted ethical standards. After passing through a tight hiring process, you become part of our team. That's the reason we want you to show the highest work ethic and contribute to higher education success. We want you to be mindful of the following important points.

You will never participate in any activity that contradicts generally accepted principles of academic integrity.

You will not contribute to or encourage anything that gives rise to dishonorable acts such as impersonation, fraud, cheating, and fabrication.

You are not allowed to assist any student who looks doubtful about using your provided writing samples for official submission to a school, college, and university under their own name. The product you deliver should not be reproduced for the sake of better grades, diplomas, degrees, and certificates.


Message for Teachers and Parents

247 Case Analysis appreciates the sincere efforts of both teachers and parents who facilitate their students throughout the process of higher education. We are your partners in this sacred cause as we contribute to assisting your loved ones through top-quality mentoring regardless of their income, physical location, and quality of lifestyle. We believe the success of higher education directly relates to a customized approach to guidance. Our experts work hard to provide students with model solutions to difficult educational problems. Therefore, we expect the following from you:

You facilitate your students to share the assignment instructions with our experts so they can get the best academic assistance according to their study problems.

It would be great if you let your students know the positive aspects of working with true professionals who have great experience in providing tailor-made academic solutions.

You will never stop them from getting expert assistance since we never commit anything that goes against the academic integrity and educational policies. If you have any complaints, simply communicate to us so that we can resolve them in the first place.

You will not confine students from getting ethical and experienced help from 247 Case Analysis until you witness any misconduct or unprofessional behavior from our experts. We provide academic help only for the sake of encouragement. If anyone submits our samples as their assignment work, then such an act is highly condemnable, and we have the right not to serve such a person ever again in the future.

You will provide your child with complete financial and ethical support to seek fair academic assistance through our platform. Paving their way to ethical support will help your students become shining stars and fill the educational gaps.

Encourage your student to check our educational articles and pre-solved case study analysis to boost their academic writing skills. This will eventually enhance their writing skills to tackle future didactic challenges.

Academic Integrity Breach

If you find any abuse or violation of academic integrity, please make sure to report right away.

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