How To Write A Case Study Solution, written by Marilyn Camp

How To Write A Case Study Solution, written by Marilyn Camp

How To Write A Case Study Solution

How To Ace A Scoring Case Study Solution

Are you willing to write an impressive example of a case study solution that will inspire the teacher and the whole class? Just get ready for a very comprehensive and illustrative method to write a case study solution that will be high scoring. You do not need to get lost in books to find the conventional methods, instead, focus on the guidelines given below if you do not know how to write a case study solution.

What Is A Case Study?

Case studies can be a brilliant way of promoting your business. A case study solution allows you to tell the story of how your product or service helped a particular client. A well written case study solution gives an insight into the benefits of using your products or services along with an idea of what it is like to work with you.  

A case study solution as academic assignments is basically a piece of information that students might be asked to publish on behalf of a real-time company; in some cases, you may just have a hypothetical situation of how to do a case study. It mainly describes a summary of the success story of a particular business, entity or company under consideration, potential challenges that it faced and the ways it tackled the issues. It sheds light on the circumstances through which the company started its journey from scratch and reached such a high level of success. So just get your pen and paper, note down how exactly you can write a case study step by step.

Fundamental Skills Required To Write A Case Study Solution

  1. First of all, in order to write a compelling case study, you need to be a great storyteller. You need to share the story in such a manner as if the reader is reading it for the first time ever. Meanwhile, you need to be very careful with the opening paragraphs and adopt a tone that is more engaging and appropriate for storytelling. One simply cannot be formal while telling a story, so you can start with an informal tone.
  2. Secondly, it is essential to have first-hand information regarding the facts and figures of the company. You must have the data with you that are a hundred percent authentic and reliable in a valid format of case study solution. To get these authentic facts and figures, do extensive research on the company under consideration. Read as much as you can about the company and gather all the facts that you believe might help.
  3. Thirdly, it is important that you quote real-life examples while narrating a case study. As the case study is related to a real company or business, so you must give real-life examples that your readers can easily relate with. One cannot refer to fake examples and hypothetical references only.
  4. Fourthly, in order to write a convincing case study solution analysis, it is imperative to use the tone of a marketer. In order to sound like a marketer, it is necessary to have full command of the language, specific terms related to marketing and at least a basic know-how of the practical marketing theories.
Write A Case Study Solution
Write A Case Study Solution Skills

The above mentioned are a few skills that are important in writing an engaging case study solution to get the attention of the reader. If any of these traits is missing, the reader will simply have no interest in reading a dry piece of literature.

Different Contents Of A Well Formatted Case Study Solution

Here below, we will mention the most important steps of writing a case study that meets all the academic standards. Without following these steps, your case study solution will just stand no chance in theoretical examinations.

  1. Situation Analysis
    Before attempting a case study solution outline, you are supposed to write a brief and concise situation analysis. A situation analysis is basically a very short and crisp summary of the case that defines the whole scenario in a very comprehensive manner. This implies that after reading this summary, there must be no questions left in the minds of readers and checkers on which exact issue you are planning to write this particular case study solution. This is the basic synopsis of the case and there is a set limit for it. According to the standard limit, it must not exceed one-third 1/3rd of the total content. To keep a check on this limit, you must be well prepared to measure how much content you are going to produce; this can be done by calculating the per word strength on each line.
  2. Formulation of the issue
    This is the main focus area of the particular case study on which you are going to mainly emphasize throughout the case study solution example. However, the important point here to consider is that you must not stretch this problem formulation; instead, you must limit it to just one line. This one-liner problem should properly be highlighted and the reader must have the idea that this will be your lead focus point throughout the case study solution writing. This unique case might be regarding the dropping sales annually, or this might be about the grievances of the working labor or even on the administrative level, or any other specific problem that the company is faced with.
  3. Facts and figures
    In this entire portion of case study solution analysis, you mainly mention and highlight all the facts and figures related to that certain company, especially the figures that mainly concern with the formulated issue that the company is dealing with currently. This might be regarding the profit of the company, the specific business that the company deals with, its managerial figures, its year of establishment, and the period of operations in the field. Simply pen down all the facts and figures that you believe may impact that particular case. Make sure to write down only established facts and not the disputed ones as those do not stand authentic.
  4. Assumptions and perceptions
    Sometimes you pursue such a case study solution analysis that may have numerous data and perceptions outside that directly affect your certain case study solution example. These data or figures may not fall in your written down facts and figures, yet these are very crucial in establishing your case study solution. For instance, if your case study is of subjective nature and it mainly involves motivation, this very subject motivation is covered under multiple theories like Herzberg 2 factor theory, or J Stacey Adam's equity theory talks on that. So you can refer to any such theories, surveys or data that directly have an impact on the problem under consideration. This type of data is noted under the heading of assumptions and perceptions in case study solution samples.
  5. SWOT Analysis

This term specifically stands for

  • Strength
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

You can illustrate or present all these factors in a more matrix oriented manner that will look good to the eyes of the reader. All of these factors are internal.

  • Strength

In the strength of the company, you can write down all the features that give power and strength to the company; in simple words, these are the plus points of the company. For example, you can mention the diversity in product range, it's dealing with its employees, its great brand value, or its general goodwill in the market that gives it a distinguishing status in the market.

Formatted Case Study Solution
A Case Study Solution Strength
  • Weaknesses

These are the areas you believe should be focused and improved more. Here you can mention all those weak points of the company like lesser strength of the labor, delayed salaries, flaws in the finance department and its working, mechanical lacking of the company, lack of required machines that are causing the low production etc.

  • Opportunities

Here in your main case study solution outline, you are mainly supposed to mention all those opportunities by availing that the company can make more progress. For instance, in your case study solution analysis, if the company is working in rural areas, and there is a potential for it in the urban areas too, you must mention these opportunities that can benefit the company. Alternatively, if there is a potential demand for the company's market in the international market too, you must mention it clearly with the prospects.

Write A Case Study Solution
A Case Study Solution Opportunity
  • Threats

While mentioning the threats, competition is probably the biggest threat that no business is immune to. No matter how smartly you work, how splendid your products and services are, you are always subject to a healthy competition. Apart from that, in certain cases, the government policy may also be a hidden threat for that particular business. For example, if it is believed that this certain company is based in a residential area and there is a risk of notice from authorities, this must be mentioned very clearly.

Write A Case Study Solution
A Case Study Solution Threats

Once you have written down all these aspects, now you must rush towards answering the questions given to you. This entire case study solution will enable you to answer very effectively all of those questions given in your exam by knowing the basics of how to write a case study solution.

The above-mentioned pattern is supposed for the close-ended case study solution examples; in a case where you are given an open-ended case study writing, there are some additional steps you need to take. Below are those additional steps essential for this type of case study solution outline.

Additional Steps For An Open-ended Case Study Solution

Generation of alternatives

Here you generate the alternatives for solving that particular issue under consideration. For instance, if the company is facing a downward trend with respect to sales, you may suggest some practical solutions or alternatives that might be adopted in place of those already underuse.

Evaluation of alternatives

In this portion, you draw a very wise and sane evaluation of all those alternatives presented by you. You can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative that you presented.

Suggestion of best alternative

Here finally, you suggest the most practical and beneficial alternative that you believe is the best among all presented here. Your suggestion must be backed with solid proof and some data borrowed for similar examples.

A Few Do's And Don'ts Of A Formal Case Study Solution

Confusions regarding case study

While writing an academic or even professional case study solution, those who do not know how to do a case study solution, must bear in mind that the format of a case study solution is neither press releases, nor marketing brochures, so this must be dealt with accordingly. A case study simply cannot be written when the company opens up a new department or begins manufacturing a new product is an already existing line of products. You cannot write a case study just to talk about those new additions.

In fact, genuine case studies are actually client-oriented and never a business or company oriented. Though you may include the different positive aspects of the business too, yet the prime focus always has to be the customer. This is why most of the time, case studies do not gather the required attention because businesses start creating the company image and start the branding in a vague manner. This effort only damages the true sense of a real case study solution. Therefore, you must remember that a case study is not a primary tool of marketing; this is rather more of a customer-focused story that describes the problem solving for customers.

Adopt a realistic approach and not a hypothetical one

Businesses and companies tend to go on writing countless case studies with the intention to enhance their customer base. Most of the time, they literally fail in achieving this goal because a scoring case study solution is actually not a marketing tool. So while writing a case study, you must focus on writing a very impressive case study but meanwhile, bear in mind that it is not going to impact that much as you want; neither it will immediately convert nor will it go viral over social media. Case studies are mainly designed for those who are already partially convinced to hire your services or buy your products.

Therefore, if you do not know how to write a case study solution for a business, just be very much genuine and realistic about the goals attached to this particular piece of literature. A case study is meant to pave the way for prospective buyers. It can help the brainwash and convince the reader who is already half done; it helps further cooking it up. Yet there must not be a high expectation with an example of a case study solution no matter how well written it is.

Real-life examples mean literally REAL!

If you are just up with an academic assignment and assigned with a hypothetical case study solution scenario, you can work on it through fake data but when it comes to writing a genuine case study that will be published and referred to, never resort to using fake examples. We have mentioned earlier to use real-life examples and here, the real means literally real. To write a compelling case study, it is imperative to go out in the market and find real time users of the product or services of that particular company.

An Open-ended Case Study Solution
A Case Study Solution

Try to find an interesting customer who is not shy and expressive enough to discuss all his experiences with your product or service. Ask them a lot of questions in a very friendly manner and also request them to stay neutral. Whether they have used any of your products or service in order to solve some real-life problems? Note down all the experiences, expectations and concerns of the customer.

Follow the classic standard of storytelling

The biggest flaw that we observe in the modern-day case studies is probably the lack of tone required for this specific piece of literature. Most of the marketers are very obsessed with their business narrative, and they just keep overrating their product instead of storytelling. In many other cases who know the true essence of the case study solution, they do not adopt the tone required. Forgetting this very basic prevents you from creating an impressive case study solution writing.

When we say it storytelling, again, this must be taken in a literal sense. In a case study, you cannot be ultra-formal and talk as if you are writing a legal document. It is advised to adopt a tone that is less formal and engaging. Just like a perfect story, your case study too must have a starting, middle and a proper end. This implies that in the end, there must be something for the reader to relate with.

The use of data is crucial

Although we always stress that if you are the one who doesn't know how to write a case study solution, this mainly is storytelling, this doesn't imply by default that you cannot add statistics, facts and figures. In fact, missing this crucial part will very negatively impact your case study. No matter how informal you sound, yet it is a literary document related to a certain business that has its intentions to grow business and make more money. This is why, to make it look like a document worth it, there must be all the related data very well presented in the form of charts, bars, tables and graphs.

Make sure to include only the related data, for instance, if your problem is related to low sales, you cannot talk about the data that is irrelevant. You must include the data that will immediately grab the attention of the reader or the data you believe directly impacts your customers and prospects. For instance, you may talk about the discounts the company plans to offer in the future. The use of data is very crucial in a formal case study solution and this is the literal backbone of a well-written and formatted case study.

Frame your business as a savior in that particular problem

We have already stressed a lot that a case study must not look like a conversion tool or a marketing stuff that customers are fed up with. You cannot exaggerate the qualities of your products and you cannot simply keep on branding your business through case studies as we mentioned earlier that a well researched case study solution is meant to engage the prospects, and it must revolve around the problem of that customer.

While telling the story, you can portray or frame your product in such a way that it must not look like a publicity stunt, but it must give the impression that it came by the way and this is the ultimate solution to your problem. In this manner, the customer is highly likely to relate to your product. While with the other approach called hammering, the client is highly likely to get away. People buy things to solve certain problems. Just make them believe that your product is the best solution for them.

The story must be about the client and not business

When we say that a case study must be based on a story, this story must revolve around your customer and not your business. When a story is more client-based, people are more likely to relate themselves with the story as compared to that of the business based story. Your narration must express how exactly your client benefitted from your specific product and what changes were brought to his life, especially the positive one. However, you may slightly touch the negatives too, to bring in a more genuine touch.

While narrating the story, it is wise to print the quotes of your client as it is, no matter how informal and casual they are. Let them describe their words in their or words or the way they feel comfortable. This will further add up to the credibility of the text as a reader can easily smell the tone of another prospective customer and how he may have felt about using the product. This will also prevent you from using any other formal literature which may not be very interesting for a common reader at all.

Finally for all those unaware of how to write a case study solution, a case study is never essentially a very attractive and exciting content that you create, but one thing can be said with confidence, this is probably the most effective and convincing content that will impact your existing customers and your prospects as well. This is strictly not a direct marketing tool at all; it is instead more of a light-toned content written with an intent to convince and brainwash you customers and prospect in a very hidden manner that how exactly your products can help them in their lives and what positive changes can be brought in their lives only if they use your product. Again the tone must be very light and customer-oriented; the hammering approach used in direct marketing is never a good idea for writing a case study solution at all.

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