How to Write An Argumentative Essay?, written by Marilyn Camp

How to Write An Argumentative Essay?, written by Marilyn Camp

How to Write An Argumentative Essay?

The first thing that you have to know before essay writes up is known briefly about the argumentative essay so you can covet a perfect essay. 

What Is An Argumentative Essay?

This essay aims to provide evidence to support your idea. For example, if you say that military services are mandatory, for that purpose you have to write its benefits and along with its opposing side that supports the facts and evidence of your essay or ideas. The argumentative essay has further three types that are described below for your kind information.

  1. Classical approach
  2. Rogerian approach
  3. Toulmin approach

Here we are going to define these approaches briefly so you can know more about them and write your essay in a well-defined and meaningful way.

Classical approach

This is the most common approach of an argumentative essay. Below is provided the layout f the holistic approach.

  • An introduction is written with its classic thesis statement that is impressive and grabs the attention of readers and they will become fond of your essay and read out completely from your essay. The introduction is the first most important thing in an essay that should be written in a well-prepared way so everyone wants to read your fantastic essay. Provide background information that makes a sense of why you choose this topic and also describe the importance of this section of the essay.
  • You have to focus on the main arguments and points which you are going to prove in your essay. Illustrate all aspects which are concerned with your topic and try to write little benefits and drawbacks of your main arguments that make it interesting for the audience.
  • Always write the opposing side of the argument and topic main points and define that you have to refuse them by providing valid statements and arguments.
  • Conclusion, you have to present a summary of your whole essay in which you have provided the solution to the problem. Do not let go of your future consequences and define the implementation procedure aside from this.

Rogerian approach

This approach is used when the topic of your essay is too polemical. For example, global warming is caused by natural resources or human activities. This type does not have a defined and specific structure, that you have followed in your essay. The author sympathizes on both sides of arguments but he/she has to favor one side. The layout of the Rogerian approach is described below.

  • It may possible that the opposite side of your argument is valid. In the Rogerian approach, you have to select broad viewed topics. This type of essay allows us to know briefly about the cause and impacts of the topic.
  • This is considered as the heart of the problem and it does not define how to solve that problem.
  • It focuses on how to explore various sides of the problem and you will arrive at the problem-solving place by arriving at that.

Toulmin approach

This approach is used in seeking the ground for the arguments so that you can eradicate the superfluous arguments. If we can say that drugs are mandatory so we have described the Toulmin approach in which we provide essential issues that are concerned with the main problem on both sides of arguments.

We give the statement on both sides one in the favors such as drugs are used to weaken the drugs cartel and opposing side is that drugs increasing the risk of drug use. At the end of the essay you have to write a sentence I which you combine both statements and covet in a statement by saying that both sides are valid.

Argumentative Essay Topics

Some topics are written below so you can know more about argumentative essays and through our blog, you can write a better essay without getting confused and irritated.

  • Is fracking legal
  • Is vaccination is required by the students if they go to public schools
  • Should the government will be involved in addressing climate change
  • Is GMO is helpful or harmful for the peoples
  • Is human cloning should be legalized
  • Should animal testing be banned
  • The death penalty has to be abolished
  • Have some book stores establish age limits for the students on certain books.

Here, we have provided a glimpse of argumentative essay topics so you can choose your essay topic by reading the upper statements.

How to Write An Argumentative Essay?

The first thing in writing an argumentative essay is to choose a versatile and unique topic but keep in mind that the topic is rending issues so everyone wants to read out that interestingly.

Choose a topic

Choose a topic on which you give strong arguments and opposing points that support your essay's main points. If you are already assigned by a topic then well it is good if you choose by yourself for this purpose you choose the topic on which you have to know something about that and have enough information. If you have information then you will be able to define your opinions and statements on that. That will become easier for you for essay write up and presented accurate opinions.


Have a look after choosing the topic on the literate from authorized and credible sources such as books, articles, and various documents. Note some most important and valid arguments that are similar to your topic. While writing your essay you have to press the issues and their cause then it will give a smooth rhythm for you to describe it more briefly and create an environment in which you provide strong arguments. Try to write the facts which are not exploring yet that make your essay more persuasive. Teachers want to see some original arguments on the issues.

How to Create An Argumentative Essay Outline?

A good outline is a place that will helpful for you when you covet your essay. Write the most appealing points in the essay outline, it leaves an impression and you will follow it when writing your essay. Cover all the points which you are already written in your essay outline. The argumentative essay format should have the following parts that we are going to describe here.

  1. Introduction
  2. Thesis statement
  3. Body paragraphs
  4. Conclusion

An argumentative essay is a start like other essays, from the introduction. Argumentative essay writing is somehow easy and you have to describe your essay in the simplest way that everyone can easily understand what you are going to prove and peoples know you by your creative skills and hard work. They will be appreciating you.


Essay introduction should be attention-grabbing. Provide the background information about your topic so people know about the topic and understand more easily about the issue and your opinions. Try to address some question s about your topic that you have to discuss them further and answer them by giving strong opinions and argument. At the end of the essay introduction, never miss the thesis statement. A thesis statement is acts as a backbone for the essay and the reader decides to read your whole essay by reading your well-coveted thesis statement.

Write a supporting paragraph

Provide the arguments that are in favor of your thesis statements and support the topic. For example, if you explain about the drug is mandatory in these paragraphs you have to describe the benefits and support them with the arguments and facts which you gather from your research. Also, write your own opinions and experiences which you face when collecting the information about the topic.

Second, supporting paragraph

In the second paragraph, you have to prove the opposing statements by writing facts about them and provide your own opinions on that.

Write counterarguments

Never miss to write counterarguments, they give energy to your essay. In this section, you have to defend the arguments which are in the favour of your main topic by providing strong evidence and arguments.


Summarize the whole essay and provide the best solution in the conclusion paragraphs. Your solution should be closely relatable to the main topic.

Choose the tone in your essay according to the topic and what type of arguments and how to explain them. An argumentative essay does not have a specific structure and format it depends on your chosen topic and on your style which you are select to define.

At the end of the essay write up, many students skip the editing and proofreading services, it is not a good habit for the merging personalities. Editing and proofreading services make glamorous and splendid of your work, you will also become happy after seeing the performance and appreciation received by your teachers and class fellows.

After complete writ up you have to read many times of your essays so you go through and knows the mistakes which were missed while writing about spelling and grammar mistakes that leave a bad impression on the reader mind but you do not pay any attention to them while writing. You can also add or delete some sentences which do not make clear sense. You can enhance the credibility of your essay by choosing this section.

It is a not difficult task to write up an argumentative essay, just outline, craft your essay in a well-defined manner and at the end do proofreading services and you will get a heart full of happiness. Let’s write how to write an argumentative essay by sitting in a peaceful state that gives you pleasure and you will create some notes by thinking about the environment that is around you.

Importance of Argumentative Essay

  • This essay makes the students creative and skillful and they will be able to make arguments on some things which are authentic.
  • It develops critical thinking in the students; this is also very helpful for them in their future life.
  • You will be able to describe your answer and opinions in a well-mannered way.
  • Arguments for this essay is quite different from the other arguments, this essay aims to make the students do argument in every aspect of life.
  • You have to convince the readers by providing your argumentative essay.
  • This will helpful for the students to provide the ideas that are most fit in the argument and new ideas.
  • This will get a chance for the students to make perusing the audience.
  • Provide broad conversion then give your opinions and ideas that favor in the context of the topic.

If you know about how to write an argumentative essay and what is argumentative essay structure. how to write the essay and how to declare opinions and new ideas. You will be able to write an essay in a peaceful mental state, if you are stuck on some points you can read our blog and get out of that problem. By using our blog you can enhance your proficiency in the class and you will get high marks in the exams.

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